The Polish Province of Carmelites has two houses in Ukraine near Lviv, close to the Polish border.  The houses are in Wlodzimierz and Sasiadowice.  At the start of the Russian invasion in February, the friars in these houses opted to stay and support the local population and any Ukrainians fleeing towards the Polish border.  The Polish Provincial, Fr. Wieslaw Strzelecki,  sent this update on 3rd March:

"We received the disturbing news that a military unit had been bombed 10 Km from our monastery in Sasiadowice. 

Russia dropped missiles using a drone.  The explosion was heard in our monastery.  Our brothers are with the people, although they all realise what the reality looks like.  As of today the brothers are safe.

It is scary that in the 21st century such things are happening in Eastern Europe.  Powerlessness is the worst here.  We entrust the case of Ukraine to Our Mother of Carmel."

The Polish Province (in conjunction with the Polish Government) are opening their monasteries in Krakow, Wola Gulpwska, Gdansk and Chyzna to accept Ukrainian refugees who are waiting to be admitted.

All the funds raised through this appeal will be forwarded to Poland to support the refugees in whatever way is required.