In February this year, the leaders of the Carmelite presences in the Caribbean region met online. During the meeting, those attending described the situation of the Order in their respective countries and discussed possible actions for the future. Present at the meeting were representatives from Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. The Caribbean region is currently in the initial formation stage and has 19 postulants, 6 novices and 15 simply professed.

Each member of the meeting in February talked through the socio-political situation of their location and the status of their Carmelite community. Although areas are facing some difficulties, there is hope as new vocations are emerging.

As a result of the meeting, three exciting new areas of possible action were brought forward:

  • Help each other in initial formation with the realization of online formation meetings.
  • Reciprocal collaboration in different areas.
  • Hope towards the possibility of forming a unique reality in the Caribbean region.

Present were: Santos Martinez (Venezuela), Juan Evangelista Castellano (Delegation of Titus Brandsma), Sergio Mantilla (Colombia. Italian Prov.), Jorge Rivera (Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic), Felix Avendaño (Venezuela) and Luis Maza.