In southern Kenya, to the Southwest of Nairobi, lies the Catholic Parish of Nkoroi. Run by the Order of Carmelites under the Diocese of Ngong, the community is a bustling centre of faith, worship, ministry . . . and song! Alongside the running of an ever-growing Carmelite family, the joyful Parish of Nkoroi is also proud to be home to one of the top choirs of the country, the ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St. Charles Lwanga Choir’.

With 60 dedicated members, a 20-person strong support group and a full regime of practise, performances and community work, being part of the choir is an honour taken very seriously by all those involved.

First and foremost, the main duty of the choir is to serve in Mass, however alongside this responsibility, the choir places great emphasis on serving its community. One way the choir achieves this is by holding services for those less fortunate in places such as a nearby Women’s Prison and a centre for the treatment of cancer. In addition to these goodwill performances, the choir participates in festivals, competing alongside other choirs in the Diamond Class – the highest rank of entrants.

A choir has been integral to the Parish of Nkoroi since its beginning, growing with its community as they both developed. The Parish was founded in the late 1990’s as an outstation of the Spanish Order of Carmelites. The first Kenyan Carmelites joined the Order in Spain and studied for the priesthood in Madrid and Barcelona. However, there was soon a move to expand to Kenya itself and begin a foundation. This was achieved through the generosity of the Upper German Province in collaboration with the Arago-Valentina and Catalunian Provinces. A student house was opened in 2005 and almost immediately, the friars began constructing a church and parish hall on the site of an older mission station. In the building of the parish hall, the Society of the Little Flower was able to make a significant contribution. The General Delegation currently has six priests, three deacons, one brother with simple vows, three novices, and eight postulants.

The mission of the Parish and of the choir is to ‘proclaim the gospel of Christ and the beliefs of the evangelical Christian faith, to maintain the worship of God, and to inspire in all person love for Christ, a passion for righteousness and a consciousness of their duties to God and their fellow human beings.’ We celebrate the achievements of the Parish and pray that the community and choir are able to continue their joyful mission.

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