Kerala Floods

The Carmelites run a number of schools and community projects in Kerala. 
The devastating floods to hit this region have meant that these projects have opened their doors to those affected.

On 24 August 2018, Fr Roby writes from N. Paravur:  

In Kerala we are going through the worst period of her history. Many people have died because of the terrible flood. N. Paravur, is one of the worst affected places and our house was flooded. The families of our staff and our neighbors are still struggling. We have accommodated many in our seminary and the college building [Chris Cappell College].  Still there are 862 people in our college alone. We are trying our best to help them  The college buildings can only be reached by boat.  Even though the water level is going down, many families are unable to return to their homes, and in some cases have lost their homes and continue to live in a state of emergency.  
Pray for us 

The Society wants to raise funds in the first instance to assist with food, medicines, clothing and other emergency items for those who have lost so much.  Please help us to fulfil this wish.