“Some have lost their whole houses, others all their belongings. Many have no food or water, and only the clothes they are wearing.

 Fr Bruce Clark O.Carm

Over Easter Saturday, a tropical cyclone battered many parts of Timor-Leste including its capital, Dili. By Sunday morning, rain and storms had caused flash flooding, washing away homes, belongings, vital infrastructure including roads. Sadly, 34 people have died, and dozens are missing.

Thousands are now homeless, living in temporary shelters with little food or fresh drinking water. And many of the children who participate in our Carmelite youth group have lost all their belongings including their house, school items and of course have no useable food.

You can help

Because of the unfolding situation, the best way we can support our neighbours is through a cash donation. This will allow our Brothers on the ground to purchase the vital items required and provide the pastoral and practical support required.

Your donation will help our Brothers to:

  • Purchase vital fresh food to distribute to people and families affected
  • Deliver clean water so local communities can drink, cook and bathe
  • Supply clean-up tools and equipment so Carmelites and locals can assist with the clean-up of washed-out streets and homes
  • Provide building supplies to help people and communities rebuild homes, roads and infrastructure

Please give as generously as you can.  The situation is urgent.