In 2001 the Lower German Province started a new foundation in Cameroon.  In the south of the country, in Efoulan, there is a noviciate where young Carmelites receive their initial formation.  They have a small farm to produce bananas, maize, peanuts and fruit.  It is a small contribution to their living expenses.  The parishes which Carmelites are responsible for are in the rural and very poor areas nearby the main city Yaounde.  The people living there are relying on the small profit they receive from their fields.

Carmelite Friars are active in many projects to build up the parishes and to help the poor and the sick.  Faith is very important for the Cameroonians.  it helps them to bear all the problems of their daily lives.  The students visit the small villages in the bush, teach Christians the Bible and work with the youth.