Prayers of Petition & Thanks

St. Therese hears our requests and intercedes with God on our behalf. She showers us with roses every day, and we continue to be blessed and have prayers answered because of the intercession of our "little flower." St. Therese’s own desire was to "make God known and Loved until the consummation of the ages." By sharing your words of thanks, you too, are fulfilling St. Therese’s own mission. What a wonderful way to spread the word of God and St. Therese to the world! Your words of thanks and appreciation will be shared with the many friends of St. Therese who love her and who have a special devotion to her.

Please use the area below to express your words of thank you to St. Therese and to God. Your petitions will be remembered at Mass and in prayer by the Carmelites for thirty days. In the heart of St. Therese and in the Communion of Saints, Jesus lives and listens. To protect the privacy of you and your loved ones, please use first names only.