There are now about 290 religious in the Indonesian Province.  In 2016, the Society of the Little Flower gave a grant of €10,000 to the Indonesian Province which has been used across a variety of projects.

The Carmelites have three schools (study houses) – 3 in Malang ( and 1 in Pontiniak – for young people to get involved in a variety of learning activities. The older students progress to assist in the teaching of the younger pupils. Great strides are being made on environmental topics. Gryia Agro Karmel in Purwakarta has become a centre of environmental and agricultural learning. Students come from the surrounding areas, and especially from Jakarta, to receive instruction on a variety of eco-agricultural issues and the importance of bio-diversity and organics farming. Raising awareness of environmental issues is also an important part of life in the Carmelite schools in East Java (at Malang and Jember), as well as a topic discussed in Bible study communities.

In the study house in Pontiniak, young women are being taught cooking skills to a level enabling them to start their own businesses.  A short video about the house can be seen here

A clean water facility has been built close to the Pontiniak study house as it became apparent there was nothing available for the local people in the dry season apart from a small river with extremely dirty water. The area was a rain forest area and the river bed is made up of soil mixed with rotten wood. Considerable work is being undertaken on inter-faith initiatives. These include scientific seminars and workshops, making music together, multi-faith parades and a “Live-In Programme” where young people of different faiths spend time in one another’s families getting to know and understand more fully their religious customs and practices.

A mobile clinic is run in suburban and rural areas providing free and good access to medical care for those unable otherwise to afford it. Additionally support is provided to an orphanage for disabled young people in Lawang Malang. And all this is just a small proportion of the work carried out daily through your support.

Please remember the Carmelites and all the volunteers who work in these projects in your prayers