Education transforms lives

Anita lives in Letefoho, a mountainous subdistrict of the Ermera region in Timor-Leste. Widowed at a young age, she raised her four children including Br. Antonio, Carmelite project leader and principal of three schools in the Zumalai sub-district. Anita also raised four other children who were orphaned or unable to be cared for.

Having to earn a living on her own, Anita made sure her family had a roof over their heads, clothes, and nutritious food. She also encouraged them to pursue an education, understanding its importance.

“I know how an education can change people’s lives because I see it in the children that I have taught for so many years and I’ve seen it with my own children.” Anita

Education transforms lives. Please show your support.

Anita encouraged Antonio's dreams of helping people and communities. Today, Br. Antonio is the Principal of three Carmelite Schools in the Zumalai sub-district.

“It is a good school with good teachers. The students are lucky they have support from the Carmelite family in Australia. Going to schools run by the Carmelites means the children have opportunities to learn.”

You can transform lives

Giving a young person an education transforms not just their lives, but the lives of those around them. It builds the resources and resilience of communities. And provides a pathway out of poverty.

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