Despite the dangerous and terrifying progression of the Russian invasion, Carmelite Sisters and Brothers in Ukraine have decided to remain in their monasteries to serve those in need. Friars and nuns from the cities of Kiev, Khakov, Berdychiv, Sąsiadowicze and Włodzimierz Wołyński have taken the decision to stay and help those affected by the war. 

The Prior Provincial of Poland has been able to make contact with the Brothers in Sąsiadowicze and Włodzimierz Wołyński. He confirms the situation is ‘very serious – people in the streets are panicked, there are food shortages in the shops’. On Thursday, the Prior Provincial received the disturbing news that a military unit had been bombed just 10km from the monastery in Sąsiadowice. He described the shocking event:

‘Russia dropped missiles using a drone. The explosion was heard in our monastery. Our brothers are with people, although they all realize what the reality looks like. As of today, the Brothers are safe.’

Although the Prior Provincial has informed the brothers they can leave for the safety of Poland at any moment, they do not want to abandon the people entrusted to them. We join with them in asking the whole Carmelite Order to pray for our Carmelite Brothers, Sisters and all the Ukrainian people. In addition to prayers, our Brothers and Sisters need urgent funds to help provide wound dressings, bandages and first aid kits as well as essential items such as soap, warm blankets and long-life food supplies.

If you are able to make a donation to help, no matter how small, please follow this link.

Image shows nuns from Khakov who have decided to remain in Ukraine to help those in need.