Fr. Carlito, a Carmelite from Timor-Leste, went to the audience with the Holy Father and had the opportunity to meet the Pope.  Fr Carlito said: “When the Holy Father went by I asked him to bless and pray for me, my family and God’s people in my country. The Holy Father asked me, ‘Where are you from?’ I replied that I am from Timor-Leste and the Holy Father said to me, ‘Keep your faith, you are still young, pray diligently and do the best in your study.’” Then the Holy Father put his hands on my head and blessed me.”

“Beside me was a young man who came from a small town called Teramo in the Abruzzo region. We met while we were together at the audience venue. We became acquainted and began to talk with each other. Because he brought a lot of things, he asked for my help to carrying the Cross and a box of Rosaries. In the photo he is holding a Papal Blessing which he ordered for his parish’s sixtieth anniversary. Through that meeting we became friends, and he invited me to come to visit his place.”

Fr. Carlito is studying for his doctorate in Mariology in Rome, supported by money raised by Society of the Little Flower.

Source: Our Carmelite kin in Australia