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Education is a basic right for all people regardless of their gender, ethnicity or socio-economic status. This is why Carmelites in Australia are to committed providing hope for the children and young adults of Timor-Leste through the precious gift of an education. Their work focuses on education as currently only 35% of the Timorese population have either been to school or completed their education.

Education helps children learn to read and write, be equipped with skills that can transform their lives and empower them to realise their hopes and dreams. Education helps them, their families and communities out of poverty. Yet, for many in Timor-Leste, poverty prevents them from being able to pursue an education. Their families are too poor to be able to pay for their children’s schooling.

Zelia is one such young person who dreams of studying Medicine. With your help she can realise her dream.

“I am the youngest of seven children - three boys and four girls. I have just finished high school at Nino Conis Santan General High School in Gleno, Ermera.

In our Mambae culture (in Ermera), girls aren’t sent to school to get a higher level of education like boys are. My mother and father decided that I can’t continue to university. Their reason is that when girls finish school, they should return home and wait until they get married. However, I disagree with my family’s decision that only boys can go to school.

I’m a girl, I can do it too. If boys can, then as a girl, I can also continue to university. I want to continue studying because school is a great place for me to learn and achieve my goals.

I don’t want to lose hope in my future. My brother also said don’t lose hope. But it is the financial challenge of sustaining my studies. I ask you humbly if you will please help me. Thank you very much. Zelia“

When women are educated, they transform the lives of their entire community. They can earn a reliable income that can help them break the cycle of poverty. They can encourage their own children to pursue an education. They can afford proper healthcare for themselves and their families. And they can contribute to the economy helping others break the poverty cycle too.

We believe education can stop the cycle of poverty and give young people the skills to become tomorrow’s leaders. Together we can empower them to reach their potential.

Your support can help:

  • More young children go to school with the resources they need
  • Young adults pursue their hopes and dreams of a career or vocation
  • Carmelite Students undertake academic studies such as English and Psychology
  • Young people build up their confidence and enhance their life skills through social activities
  • Our teachers receive training, resources and financial support so they can continue to teach


ONE child, one young adult, one Carmelite student can transform a community.

And ONE caring supporter can help make that happen.


To donate to this appeal please click here