The office during Covid lockdown

We have been able to keep the office open during the most recent lockdowns.  Fortunately, we have sufficient space that we can easily accommodate the social distancing requirements.  However, not all the staff are able to come in due family and schooling commitments, so those of us able to come in are not able to respond to you as quickly as we might have done in past years so please bear with us.

The office is open Monday to Thursday between the hours of 9.00 and and 3.30 pm.  You can contact us by telephone during these hours, or you can email us at [email protected].  Alternatively you can contact us via our [email protected]   Mass cards and other items can be ordered through the website by going to “Religious Items”.  If you wish to make any Mass Enrolments, go to “Prayers and Sharing” and Mass cards is the first option you will see in the drop down box.  Items ordered through the website will generally be sent out on the first working day after your order is placed.

We are aware that Royal Mail is having problems with deliveries in certain areas of the country, and Horsham has been one of the areas hit by staffing issues due to COVID 19.  We do not receive deliveries of mail every day, although we do have daily collections of out-going post.  Even sending an item first class does not guarantee a faster delivery at the moment.  If you need an item urgently, please call us and we will fast track it as best we can.

New member of staff

In January 2021, we welcomed a new Digital Marketing Assistant to the Little Flower team, Matt Alton.  Matt is a Quaker living in Brighton, and is working from home.  He will be working to increase Society of the Little Flower’s digital reach, through social media, regular website updates, and digital newsletters; all of which will help to spread the word of St. Therese’s Little Way and the Carmelite message more broadly.  He has experience in digital marketing for a Quaker-run drama and prayer course project and for student campaigning societies.  He is also a poet and educator.

Matt says: ‘It’s a pleasure to be able to use my skill and creativity as a poet in my working life.  I’ve been finding interesting articles from websites in the Carmelite and broader Christian world, using the information to write articles for our website.  There are many crossovers between the Carmelite and Quaker ways, particularly St. Therese’s Little Way of simple and direct service, and the Quaker commitment to living out one’s faith in the world.  I’m looking forward to doing my small service by helping to further Carmelite work around the world.’