Dream Come TRUE!
Joining St Theresa of the Child Jesus society some 3 decades ago, one of my dreams was a pilgrimage to Lisieux, the place where St Thérèse of Lisieux - my model Saint - grew up, spent her short but very remarkable Religious life, and died.  Lisieux: The City that is CHRIST with St Thérèse everywhere! 
But little did I know that I was going to be organising that pilgrimage.
From Friday 4th May to Sunday 6th May 2018, that 30year old dream came true!!! I was one of some wonderful members of the St Theresa of the Child Jesus Society - Milton Keynes branch - who went on Pilgrimage to Lisieux, France in honour of Christ and Our Patron Saint Thérèse.
But for me the whole pilgrimage became an amazingly spiritual package.  I received some extraordinary spiritual blessings and growth;  I was involved in procession with candles for blessed Virgin Mary on Saturday 5th May night in front of St Theresa Basilica; I received miraculous healing prayers from the Rector, made new friends and also had the surprise privilege of reading the 2nd reading in English at Mass on Sunday 6th May at the St Theresa Basilica! 
In fact, it has been a blessed pilgrimage and I OWE IT ALL TO MY MAKER AND MY BIG SISTER THÉRÈSE! To God be all the Glory and Honour. Amen!!!