On Friday 4th May 2018, 6 members of the St Theresa of the Child Jesus Society-Milton Keynes branch (Devotees of St Thérèse- who imitate the Little ways of St Theresa in our daily lives) made their first spiritual journey to Lisieux the earthly home city of their Patron Saint- St Thérèse, a Doctor of the Church also known as St Theresa of the Child Jesus.
The group had a smooth journey by road and sea to Lisieux just in time for evening Mass at the Cathedral. We lodged at the Ermitage de st Thérèse
(centre for lodging, retreats, meals and weekend- managed by The Sisters Servants of Saint Therese of the Little Child) where we took the photographs. 
It was also remarkable for us to experience the evening social life of the Lisieux community when we went out for a drink. Although it was a drink out the experience was different: it still felt like we were at a chapel!
Early Saturday 5th May morning we had breakfast with other pilgrims and then went for Mass with the Carmelite sisters at the Chapel of the Carmel. After Mass we were met by the Rector of the Sanctuary of Lisieux.  Rev Fr. Olivier Ruffray and Sister Ria our skillful Pilgrimage tour guide. These 2 people were so remarkable: Fr. Olivier who didn't know any of us before the pilgrimage was able to name the physical health problems the delegates have and prayed for us; Sister Ria on the other hand was seen by most of us as a 'Guardian Angel' and not a tour guide. In fact, that Saturday, although it was such a busy day for us,  was full of miracles and spiritual growth.
We were talked through the life of St Thérèse and toured the museum and the chapel of Carmel where all her other Relics except her right arm is kept, The Cathedral a 'divine building' and St Theresa's family parish.  We also visited Le Buissonnets - her family house, the St Thérèse Basilica; a very beautiful and complex building with 18 side chapels, mosaic, and 2 stained glass windows that carry diverse historical/ bibilical meanings. The Basilica is where St Theresa's Right Arm relic is kept. Her parents Saints Zélie and Louis Martin's relics are kept at the crypt of the Basilica. The Basilica also hosts the Cloister of Mercy,  the spiritual prayer room where a statue of the triple murderer,  Henri Pranzini,  who was saved by St Theresa's  intercession, is kissing the crucifix before his death penalty.
In the evening we came back to the Chapel of Carmel for Vespers with the Carmelite Sisters and then went for procession with Candles for the Blessed Virgin Mary together with many  other pilgrims, lay people, clergy, Religious sisters and brothers. During the procession one of us led the praying of the rosary in English and that ended our 2nd day in Lisieux!
On Sunday 6th May, we ended our Pilgrimage with Mass at the St Theresa Basilica and again although the Mass was said in French, because of us, the 2nd reading( 1st John 4:7-10:'LOVE') was read by one of us in English. We then set off back home in the afternoon; the journey was so eventful but with the protective hands of our Lord Jesus Christ we arrived safely home in the early hours of Monday 7th May, feeling grateful, spiritually nurtured, knowledgeable about St Thérèse, matured and blessed!
St Theresa, Wonderful! 
St Theresa, Wonderful!
St Theresa, Service to God and Mankind!
The 6 pilgrims (pictured above) were from top left: Opanin Gifty S Appiah(President), Sister Ernestina Afriyie and Sister Regina Kumadi( Asst. Secretary).  From bottom left: Sister Evelyn Asiedu, Sister Patricia Aning( Vice President) and Sister Peace Tamakloe(Asst Porter)