Rodante Cortez moved to Burgos in the Pangasinan region of the Philippines in search of a better future for his family.  He found work as the tenant of a landowner, tending a patch of land and growing rice.

During the rainy season, Rodante plants rice, however his patch at the top of a hill with no irrigation is particularly difficult.  He must find money for everything he needs: extra hands to help, seeds to sow, a tractor to till the soil and fertilizer for the crop.  When he harvests he has to give the landlord 60%.  In the past, the landowner has lent him money, meaning he had to give away even more of his harvest, meaning less food and money for his family.

This is where the support of The Carmelite Monastery of the Immaculate Heart of Mary has been instrumental.  The Monastery Bursar has been able to give Rodante an interest free loan, meaning he does not become caught in the trap of repaying interest.  With the financial pressure taken off, throughout the year Rodante has been able to tend to the mango trees and plant other vegetables, making extra income for himself and his family.

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