Stage 1 Response - meeting immediate needs

The first two weeks after an emergency are critical in providing humanitarian relief.  Australian Carmelites have raised over $135,000 for the relief effort, £3839 of that being raised by Society of the Little Flower.  The financial support received allowed our Carmelite Brothers to:

  • Purchase staples such as rice, noodles, oil, other food plus kitchen utensils and clothes to distribute to those badly affected.
  • Deliver these items to over 400 families especially those in some of the remotest villages or towns.
  • Buy equipment to work with local community members to dig out the mud that filled the street water drains - a huge job which has helped the flood waters to recede.
  • Replace items washed away such as books, laptops, uniforms and other study items.

Joaninha lives with her siblings and uncle in a small house in the suburb of Delta. Her house was flooded, their bathroom collapsed.  Carmelites in Timor-Leste gave Joaninha food, kitchen utensils, and enough money for her to buy cement and other building materials to rebuild the bathroom. The family will continue to receive the support they need.

Stage 2 Response - providing long-term & sustainable support

Carmelites are in Timor-Leste for the long-haul, ensuring those affected are able to resume their lives. This includes:

  • Providing cleaning equipment and working with families to clean their mud-filled homes.
  • Purchasing a portable water tank to distribute water to remote communities for drinking, cooking and bathing.
  • Buying essential household items for families who have nothing, like mattresses, bed frames, chairs and tables, and other basic furniture.
  • Repairing infrastructure such as school buildings and family homes.


It is possible to focus on both the short and long-term needs of those affected because of the generosity of people like YOU.  We extend a huge gratitude to those who have donated.  You can still contribute to the long term support of the people of Timor-Leste by clicking here.  Thank you.