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How to Pray the Rosary leaflet


How to Pray the Rosary. Read more

Pearls of Wisdom Booklet


Pearls of Wisdom Booklet Read more

That Martin Girl


Short booklet on the life of St Therese Read more

St Therese 6" Statue


St. Therese Statue with Cross and Roses Read more

St Therese Window decoration


St Therese Window Decoration. Read more

St Therese Tote Bag


St Therese Tote Bag Read more

St Therese 6" Roundel


St Therese 6" Roundel Read more

Story of a Soul


John Clarke, O.C.D. translation of Therese's original "Histoire d'une ame." Read more

St Therese Her Last Conversations


St Therese Her Last Conversations translated from the original manuscripts by John Clarke O.C.D Read more

Let it Be


Let it Be Read more

St Therese Paperweight


St Therese paperweight Read more

Praying with Therese Booklet


Praying with Therese Booklet Read more