What do your gifts fund?

In 2016, a total of €305,997 was dispensed around the world including

  • €25,000 to East Timor for the novice houses in Hera and the parish in Zumalai,
  • €10,00 for the Carmelite mission in China,
  • €7,500 for the mission school in Andra Pradesh,
  • €10,000 for the formation of the Vietnamese sisters in the Burgos Monastery in the Philippines
  • €20,000 for the Carmelites in Kenya
  • €10,000 to the Donal Lamont Clinic in Zimbabwe

SLF funded thirteen postgraduate students along with two Indian undergraduate students in the Italian province programme studying a wide range of subjects to licence and doctorate level, for a total of almost €114,636.  The postgraduate students are studying a wide range of subjects to licence and doctorate level and come from a number of Carmelite provinces in the developing world: Vietnam, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Poland.

Further details of the projects funded in 2016 can be viewed in the 2016 Annual Report here