What do your gifts fund?

Projects supported in 2018 included

  • €25,000 to East Timor for the novice houses in Hera and the parish in Zumalai,
  • €7,500 for the mission school in Andra Pradesh,
  • €10,000 for the formation of the Vietnamese sisters in the Burgos Monastery in the Philippines
  • €10,000 for the Carmelites in Kenya
  • €12500 response to the Flood disaster in Kerala  (additional funding raised was sent in 2019)

SLF supported twelve postgraduate students along with two Indian undergraduate students in the Italian province studying a wide range of subjects to licence and doctorate level.  The postgraduate students are studying a wide range of subjects to licence and doctorate level and come from a number of Carmelite provinces in the developing world: East Timor, Vietnam, Kenya, the Philippines, India, Indonesia and Brazil .

Further details of the projects funded in 2018 can be viewed in the 2018 Annual Report here