During the latter part of the twentieth century, the Carmelites moved in to countries where they had never been before:  Bolivia, Mexico, El Salvador, Lithuania, Ukraine, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Timor Est, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam.  There were moves to better the lives of many people in very poor countries such as Timor Est, where the Australian Province have undertaken amazing work.

The Society of the Little Flower was founded in 2002 to fund this missionary endeavour and since that date as more than €5 million has been channelled to the Carmelites's projects.  Some activities, such as the mission in Mozambique or the Latin Delegation in India have received almost all their funding from the Little Flower; others have received an initial injection of money and have then become more financially independent.  

It is not only friars who benefit but nuns and sisters also.In Zimbabawe recently, the Society has funded the medical training of some of the sisters who are now working in their local communities.

In 2018, the Society will continue to support the work in the parish of Zumalai in Timor Est, along with projects in Colombia, the schools in India, the Vietnamese novices in the Philippines and the missions in Colombia.  

Our appeals throughout the year will fund this work.


Details of the projects funded in 2016 can be viewed in the 2016 Annual report here